Seeds Of Hope 

Dreams are the seeds of change.  Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.  Debbie Boone.

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of hope
born of dreams
Newborn eyes
With hues of green

Growing Strength
Reaching high
Shining on
‘Neath cobalt skies

© 2017.  All Rights Reserved.



Image: Seeds Of Hope – Abstract

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Character is what you are in the dark.  Dwight Moody.

There’s a mega social media platform that just seems to be getting more scandalous by the day. ¬†Not gonna mention any names, but it goes like this: ¬†You read, search, or browse online and the next time you use this social media platform, BAM! ¬†There it is!

It’s no secret that with life online, your personal interests are tracked. ¬†These interests are then used in targeted advertising.

MAELSTROM:  This blog has a few ads too, and I have been promised kickbacks for clicks, which has YET to happen!  However, I do not pay for advertising.

It’s the way of the new digital world. ¬†I have known this for quite some time. ¬†Such is progress . . . Such is life online.

So, in my search for like-minded people of art venues, book recommendations and other nerdy and wordy things, I started looking at groups on this mega social media platform. ¬†I have found some awesome groups for such things as rock and plant identification (there’s a story behind that one, and actually I have learned quite a lot).

I now recognize some more common plant species in my area, including the mystery plant in my back yard that I have so lovingly protected for going on three years. ¬†I’ve also found out it’s an endangered species of primitive fern that is most definitely NOT native to this side of the country . . . But I digress . . .

Anyway, I had a group “suggestion” by this mega social media platform, based upon the internet “powers that be” stalking my activity. ¬† The description of the closed group sounded quite interesting and right up my alley! ¬†So a requested to join and a few minutes later, I was in!

It was a new group that was obviously part of a paid promotion, as it grew quite rapidly.  Being the me that I am, I was a quiet observer, only chiming in from time to time when the urge to give my opinion was just too overwhelming to control.  Mostly, I watched the dynamics of the group progress to OBVIOUS targeted marketing.

The group “leaders” (though perhaps also mis-leaders) tried quite persistently to engage the group as a whole, encouraging members to open up. ¬†After a few weeks, it became quite evident to me that they were fishing to see who was interested in what.

They also built themselves up to be “gurus”, and perhaps they are, though I doubt that they are much more than marketing “gurus”. ¬†That’s all fine and dandy if you’re selling a car, a book, or ART . . . (hehehehehe) but not when you’re trying to sell comfort and peace. ¬†It’s disturbing actually.

But still I watched, growing increasingly quiet. ¬†What puzzled me though, is that there were a few “members” of the group that were silent early on, but later seemed quite chatty on almost every single group discussion.

A few weeks ago, the (mis)leaders started offering “answers”. ¬†Then last week they announced that they had a big “surprise”. ¬†About the same time, they added a new “guru” to their entourage. ¬†This individual spoke with similar authority as the other two.

“So okay, I’ll take the bait. ¬†I’ll stay a little longer just to see the ‘BIG’ announcement.”

Well, here it goes . . . They’re starting a school to help others become spiritual “gurus” which, by the way, is in the early stages. ¬†The website is up, but they are still working on the “big plans”. ¬†Sorry, not surprised.

But the real kicker is this . . . ¬†In their “private” group, they eventually introduced the newest co-leader as their social media marketing expert and website designer. ¬†Well today, they started promoting the public “page” for their new “school” on this mega social media platform.

(Remember, this “school” hasn’t officially opened yet.)

So for the sake of curiosity, I checked out the public page. ¬†Nosy me ūüėāūüėāūüėā

There were already reviews for the school . . . FIVE STAR REVIEWS (the max rating)!  The reviewers gushed about how marvelous the classes were, how AWESOME the instructors were, how WONDERFUL the curriculum was designed (blah blah blah).

Guess who wrote one of the reviews . . .

The very one they introduced as their social media marketing agent and site designer! ¬†The others were the few “members” of the group that seemed to chime in regularly.

It really looks like a scam to me. ¬†A very well thought out scam. ¬†That’s so scandalous! ¬†Who does that?!?

The sad part is, there are people in the world who wholeheartedly try to help others, and they are genuinely knowledgeable teachers. ¬†But I dare say that the ratio of genuine to scammers in the “spiritual” realm is astronomical (pun intended).

I’m so glad I remained skeptical, but, let me tell you, It was really REALLY hard to leave the private group without chiming in one last time, and even more difficult to control the urge to point out that the first 5-star review was from their social media marketer.

Sometimes it pays to err on the side of caution!

Don’t be scandalous, and don’t get duped,¬†WillowūüćÉ


Food for Thought

If someone with depression believed that lighting a candle daily would cure them so they got out of bed to light it, what would be the cure . . . the candle or the light?

Think about it, WillowūüćÉ



What’s in a Name?

Hello. ¬†It’s me . . .WillowūüćÉ

Yes. I admit it.  I changed my blog name.  Again.  I promise this will be the last time.  Really.

I have really struggled with the whole “branding” thing. ¬†This blog is personal. ¬†And with the exception of promoting my art, it always has been. ¬†So the “DiLLyPoP” name just wasn’t working for me, not here anyway. ¬†Long story, for another time. ¬†It truly does fit my art, so I have moved the URL to another site that will allow me to sell directly without a huge yearly expense. ¬† Starving artist you know.

If you really liked my art, you can still follow my product blog at dillypop.com. ¬†I only promote my art and photography, the story behind it and some products that my art is featured on. ¬†You’ll still see my images here too, but not as the main subject of the blog post, but more of a way to illustrate.

If you’ve been following me for a long, LONG time, I just want to say that Willow’s Cabin is around too, but it has been repurposed. ¬†I kept the domain name for reviewing, selling and publishing books (another iron in the fire). ¬†And I’m still working on the “big” one which, when I am ready to publish, will likely be found there. ¬†I am also considering blogging the entire book in segments, and if I do I’ll let you know.

Through trial and error (mostly error), I have discovered that personal blogs should (mostly) stay personal.  I read a lot of personal blogs myself, and have stopped following a few of them because they simply changed too much and lost their original appeal.  I have also come to realize that specialized blogs need to stay that way to keep readers interested and coming back to the original subject matter that drew them to the blog in the first place.

So this blog, as it was originally started, has returned once again to “What Willow Thinks” . . . Only now the name matches the intention. ¬†And now that I’m not having to keep the roads hot running back and forth to the doctor (after having had three surgeries in a year), I’m looking forward to getting my life back to abnormal . . . Including life in the blog world.

I’m so glad y’all stuck around! ¬†WillowūüćÉ

On a Journey

Source: Picture Jasper – On a Journey

The Journey

I’ve traveled down this road before – –
I can’t recall just when.
A weary mind and feet are sore;
Through darkness I have been!

The path is winding further still – –
grown darker, getting bleak.
And it shall not be long until
I fall because I’m weak.

But then I see a glimpse ahead
of Golden Rays of Light;
The path that’s paved with pain and dread
behind me at the Sight!

Tho’ dismal days I’ve traveled long,
I wondered naught to see!
For Hope cries out and writes a song,
then plays a melody.

© 2017.  All Rights Reserved.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.  Pablo Picasso.


Artwork Up for Auction

Artwork Up for Auction

Update 3/20/17:  My experience as a seller on eBay was not a positive one.  Needless to say, I will not be trying to sell my original art that way again.   (Beware of less than honest buyers!)

I have removed the links from this post.  In the future, if you see an image on my blog that you like, please send me a message and we can talk about it!

The past year or so has been pretty hectic with all the surgeries and long trips out of town! ¬†Now that’s all (hopefully) behind me, and I can focus on getting my (massive amount of) artwork in order. ¬†Trying to keep my mind occupied on positive things, and not being able to do much else besides rest, I managed to create A LOT of paintings and new media (digital) art.

Needless to say, lately¬†I’ve been busy trying to get my artwork organized online so I can¬†offer art prints, and get set up to sell some original stuff. ¬†And in the midst of all the chaos, I have managed to sell a few art prints around the globe: ¬†In England, Australia and the U.S. So I’m so excited and grateful for that!

I’ve decided to give eBay a try for some of my original artwork. ¬†For now, I am only going to be shipping within the United States, and will be offering free shipping on these items. ¬†I’ve chosen a few local non-profit organizations to donate a portion of the proceeds to, as a way of giving back to a few causes about which I am very passionate. ¬†The items and causes are listed below:

Current Auctions on eBay!

Larimar РSea of Consciousness © 2016
  • First Print: Artist’s Proof 16″ x 20″
  • Media: Gicl√©e on Paper

The Tree  © 1998 

  • Original: 8.5″ x 11″ matted to 11″ x 14″
  • Media: Ink on Parchment

Fire & Ice Elementals © 2016 (place a bid)

  • Original: ¬†18″ x 14″ x 1″
  • Media: ¬†Impasto Acrylic on Canvas

If you’re interested, let me know. ¬†And if not, please take a moment to share my work with someone you think might be interested in having a look. ¬†I appreciate all the sharing I can get! ¬†ūüôā

Thank you all for your continued support!


If you do not live within the United States and you are interested in the acquisition of one of these pieces, contact me and we can make arrangements directly  for payment through PayPal to include cost of international shipping.


Profit from Painting: Creating Expressive Masterpieces in Photoshop with Jack Davis
from: CreativeLive

A New Perspective for the New Year

Source: Ammonite – Frozen in Time #006

We will never be any younger
than we are this moment
We are all born dying
yet how many of us live each moment
as though it is our last?

How many of us take
time each day to appreciate the fact that
we have awakened to yet another morning?
How many of us show our loved ones
how much we truly love them each and every day
and not just by “saying” the words “I love you”?

How many of us live each day
with an unwavering respect for mankind,
an appreciation for this beautiful place
we have been given to live in
that has the ability to sustain us,
and love for the animals here who provide us
with unconditional love and companionship?

How many of us say “Thank You” every day
to the Creator Who not only provides us
with a place to dwell,
but also the very breath inside us?

Something to ponder at the close of this year as we welcome the new one . . .

In the coming year, consider your quality of life, your appreciation for the little things, and what your life says about your soul.